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Destroy 99% of bacteria
in 3 minutes
Oral Appliance 
Cleaning System

Created by Dr. Sam Daher, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C)

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World-Class Aligner
Cleaner Of Choice

Quick And Easy To Use

Wake up. Shower. Brush your teeth. Where does Steraligner® fit into the equation? Soak your aligners for three minutes while you brush - no extra steps required.

Inspired By Industry Leaders

Steraligner® is proud to strategically align with

Invisalign®, the biggest aligner company in the world.

Remove 99% Of Bacteria

Other cleaners simply remove odor causing bacteria. Steraligner® removes 99% of the 17 most common bacteria, yeast, and mold (ensuring like-new clarity, smell, and taste).


Steraligner® was proudly developed by Dr. Sam Daher, one of the world's top Invisalign® providers.