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Your aligners are gross.
 Clean them.

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Our wearable cleaning and whitening foam keeps your aligners crystal clear, your breath über fresh, and doesn't make your teeth sensitive with peroxide. It's basically magic.

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Maybe you're the next Tom Brady. Or perhaps you just wish you were. Either way, Steraguard keeps you ready to hit the gridiron (or the couch...if you take your Sundays so seriously you need oral protection.)

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Okay, we get it. A sleeping dog looks nothing like a sleep apnea device. But isn't Theo so much cuter than a CPAP? Keep your device clean and your wife happy with Steraligner.

Why Steraligner?

A healthy aligner is a happy aligner. Don't be the one with gross, discolored aligners...or worse, the person who "forgets" their aligners every time they leave the house. Stinky aligners are embarrassing, and not wearing them at all hampers treatment.

How Does Steraligner Work?

Whether in our mouths, on our aligners, or deep within the bristles of our toothbrushes, there are hundreds of millions of bacteria that we come in contact with each and every day. Steraligner kills 99% of the 17 most common bacteria, yeast, and mold found on removable appliances. The other guys just kill odor causing bacteria. You guessed it...ours is better.

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Kills bacteria, yeast, and mold
while you brush your teeth

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Clean, freshen, and whiten your teeth and aligners...without peroxide

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Toothbrush Sanitizing Solution

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