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On-The-Go Formula For Removable Appliances

Sterasmile - The New Kid On The Block

The 60-second solutions to cleaning your aligners anytime, anywhere

Sterasmile removes 99.9%* of harmful oral germs and bacteria from your aligners within one minute 
of application. Simply remove aligner(s), pump a sufficient amount to lather inside of aligners with foam, and replace aligners in your mouth. It’s that easy!

• Proprietary essential oil formulation combats bacterial growth within trays

• Naturally whitens teeth and aligners

• Refreshing plant-based mint flavor freshens breath

• No Harmful Irritating Oxidizers

• No Peroxide

• No Parabens

• No Alcohol

Common Issues With Aligners

  • The #1 issue, by far, is something we (lovingly) call a lack of appliance compliance. And we can't blame you...why would you want to wear dirty, stinky, discolored aligners?

  • Without proper, regular cleansing, aligners smell bad...disgusting, actually.

  • They also turn yellow more quickly than you'd us, a "gold" smile isn't as cool as it sounds.

  • Cleaning aligners used to be time consuming and people just stopped doing it.

  • Other appliances, like CPAPs and retainers, are meant to last way longer than aligners. This makes cleaning them even more important

Sterasmile Watermelon Mint April 2022 Without Foam.png

How Sterasmile Comes To The Rescue

  • We recommend using Sterasmile once a day as needed throughout the day.

  • Sterasmile kills 99% of the 17 most common bacteria, yeast, and mold, leaving your aligner fresh and your mouth healthy.

  • Sterasmile is effective for all oral devices, including clear aligners and retainers, dentures and partials, night guards and sports guards, sleep apnea devices, and mouthpieces.

A Comprehensive Approach
To Removable Appliance Care

Sterasmile plays a crucial role in your overall oral health plan. To that end, Sterasmile's proprietary formula contains oxygen-based brighteners to whiten your teeth with every use.


Step 1

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Step 3

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