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Cleaning Solution For Aligners And Retainers

Steraligner - The Original

Endorsed by Invisalign, Steraligner cleans in just 3 minutes, which is about how long it should take you to brush and floss your teeth. That means using Steraligner doesn't require change to your daily routine.

Our Steraligner sanitizing formula provides you with comprehensive appliance care quickly and easily.

More Than Just A Surface Cleaner

Our proprietary blend of cleansing agents fight & neutralize odors by penetrating the appliance to remove any build-up in the microscopic dimples without damaging the integrity of the appliance.

Removes 99% Of Bacteria

Typical aligner cleaning products remove 99% of odor causing bacteria. Steraligner removes 17 of the most common bacteria, yeast, and mold that build up on and in removable oral appliances. Yes, smell and taste are important, but removing bacteria, yeast, and mold ultimately helps to ensure fully sanitized appliances and healthier patients.


Common Issues With Aligners

  • The #1 issue, by far, is something we (lovingly) call a lack of appliance compliance. And we can't blame you...why would you want to wear dirty, stinky, discolored aligners?

  • Without proper, regular cleansing, aligners smell bad...disgusting, actually.

  • They also turn yellow more quickly than you'd us, a "gold" smile isn't as cool as it sounds.

  • Cleaning aligners used to be time consuming and people just stopped doing it.

  • Other appliances, like CPAPs and retainers, are meant to last way longer than aligners. This makes cleaning them even more important

How Steraligner Comes To The Rescue

  • We recommend using Steraligner once a day (or as needed) in the morning when you brush your teeth. That means your aligners spend more time in your mouth and less time in your bathroom.

  • Steraligner kills 99% of the 17 most common bacteria, yeast, and mold, leaving your aligner fresh and your mouth healthy.

  • Steraligner is effective for all oral devices, including clear aligners and retainers, dentures and partials, night guards and sports guards, sleep apnea devices, and mouthpieces.

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A Comprehensive Approach
To Removable Appliance Care

Steraligner plays a crucial role in your overall oral health plan. We recommend using it once a day (or as needed) for best results.

But we know what you're thinking (even though you might not want to say it): your aligners might have a bit more smell or yellowing than "normal." No worries; it happens to the best of us! You can leave your appliances in Steraligner for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or overnight for a deeper clean. Remember not to brush your aligners, as doing so can damage your trays and create perfect grooves for bacteria to hide.



The Rule Of 3s: 3 Minutes, 3 Steps, 3 Cheers for Sanitized Aligners

Step 1


Take your aligners out of your mouth and place them in the provided soaking dish.

Step 2


Fill the dish with Steraligner (just to the fill line...resist the urge to overdo it) and water. Brush your teeth.

Step 3

Steraligner® Step 3 Graphic.png

The hard work is done. Rinse off your aligners, place them in your mouth, and go forth knowing you've conquered millions of germs. All in a day's work for a superhero like you.


Get To Know
Invisalign's Cleaning Solution of Choice


What Our
Customers Say

What Makes Steraligner A Fan Favorite?

This works best

I have used several different cleaners (crystals, tablets, foam etc) and this is the fastest and most effective cleaner. I do wish it was cheaper but for the quality and fast results…I’ll deal with the cost.

What put Steraligner on top for me is ease of use and overall value. There are no little packets to open, no agitation of crystals needed, and short soaking time. Add solution, add water and you're ready. After soaking for 3-5 minutes and brushing the trays, they have a cool mint taste when I bite into them. And the 16 oz bottle goes a long way -- 1-2 teaspoons is all you need per cleaning. My trays have remained clean and clear despite occasional drinking of non-water liquids (it happens).

I love this product and use it all the time for my Invisalign.

Been using this since I started Invisalign. Recently made the mistake of trying a cheaper fizzy tablet to clean my aligners. Nothing cleans my aligners as well as steraligner. I love this stuff. My aligners are clear and don’t taste funky.

Easy to use. Very effective. Cleaned our retainers extremely well. Highly recommend.

  • Where can I find a full ingredients list? Does this contain sodium lauryl sulfate?
    The full ingredients list can be found on the back of the Steraligner bottle or here: Water, surfactant, polysorbate 20, sodium pyrophosphate, tetrapotassium salt, sodium bicarbonate, natural essential oil complex, sodium benzoate, sodium gluconate, 2-propanol, disodium EDTA, blue 1. This product does not contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate).
  • I know it only takes 3 minutes to sterilize, but can I just leave it in the solution for the time I'm eating (ie 30 mins)? Will that damage the trays?
    Steraligner cleans your removable appliances in just 3 minutes. That said, you can feel to leave your appliances in for longer (overnight) for an even deeper clean.
  • Is the soaking dish dishwasher safe?
    There is no need to put your soaking dish in the dishwasher. Simply use Steraligner as directed, and the inside of your dish should remain clean.

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