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The Founders of Steraligner® On Their Recent Alliance With Invisalign®

We believe the best clear aligner in the industry deserves the best care possible, and Steraligner aligner cleaning solution is the perfect complementary product to Invisalign clear aligners.


Aligners can accumulate plaque build-up after long periods of wear, depending on the interaction of naturally-occurring bacteria and other factors in some patients. We wanted to go beyond simple cleaning to develop the most effective cleaning approach possible to help our Invisalign patients maintain great hygiene and get that new aligner look and feel every day.


After numerous rounds of development and laboratory testing, we achieved that with Steraligner and we're thrilled to make it available to Invisalign providers and their patients through the Invisalign Accessory Shop and our website here.

We know that fresh, clean aligners are important to patients, and we are happy to be working with Align to make this exceptional cleaning solution available to Invisalign practices and their patients to enhance the treatment experience.

All our best,

Dr. Sam Daher and Dr. Lawrence Hier

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