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Trusted by dentistry's best and brightest

"As a dental hygienist for over 25 years, I have used other appliance cleaners in the office and recommended product I thought would work for patients at home. When patients bring their appliances into the office for me to clean them, the don’t even recognize their appliances when I bring them back---they look just like new!  And the great thing too, is that your patients can purchase the solution from the dental office. This product is the “wow” factor when it comes to all around sanitizer and cleaner for all dental appliances."

With a Ph.D. in Business and Leadership, Dr. Tanner uses her skills to train teams in a group practice setting. Dr. Tanner has served in areas of dental hygiene including academia, corporate, clinical, entrepreneur, and researcher. She has been recognized for her outstanding leadership within health care and university settings and is a recipient of the ADHA and Johnson & Johnson Award for Excellence.

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